TWIMLfest 2020


Accessibility and Computer Vision

AI and SocietyComputer VisionFairness and Bias in AI

Digital imagery is pervasive today. More than a billion images per day are produced and uploaded to social media sites, with many more embedded within websites, apps, digital documents, and eBooks. Engaging with digital imagery has become fundamental to participating in contemporary society, including education, the professions, e-commerce, civics, entertainment, and social interactions. However, most digital images remain inaccessible to the 39 million people worldwide who are blind. AI and computer vision technologies hold the potential to increase image accessibility for people who are blind, through technologies like automated image descriptions.

The speakers share their perspectives as people who are both technology experts and are blind, providing insight into future directions for the field of computer vision for describing images and videos for people who are blind.

Session Speakers

Postdoctoral Researcher & Researcher
Carnegie Mellon University & Apple
Assistive Technology Coordinator
Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library
Ph.D. Student
University of Washington
Prime Access Consulting
Research Area Manager for Interaction, Accessibility, and Mixed Reality
Microsoft Research

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