Executive Summit Roundtable Discussion

Executive Summit

This session will begin with a series of short conversation starters; talks by accomplished ML/AI leaders. These talks will be followed by a Q&A session and open discussion among Executive Summit participants.

Talks include:

Laying the Foundations of a Sophisticated ML Org in a Greenfield Environment – Ameen Kazerouni, chief analytics officer, Orangetheory Fitness
Demonstrating the Value of Machine Learning: Tracking and attributing model contributions across the enterprise – Paul van der Boor, senior director of data science, Prosus Group
Why Your ML Org Should Function like a Neural Net: Designing an AI-first organization – Hussein Mehanna, vice president and head of ML/AI at Cruise

Session Speakers

Chief Analytics Officer
Orangetheory Fitness
Senior Director Data Science
Prosus Group
Head of AI/ML

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