TWIMLcon 2019


Photo: Ameen Kazerouni

Ameen Kazerouni

Chief Analytics Officer
Orangetheory Fitness
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Ameen is currently the Chief Analytics Officer at Orangetheory Fitness. Over the course of his career he has had the opportunity to use machine learning in a variety of fields ranging from clinical research, medical imagining, data warehouse design, e-commerce, and now fitness. His core areas of interest shifts depending the problem he is tackling and he is currently focused on the challenges of operationalizing large volumes of data into scalable customer facing solutions and strategic initiatives. A core belief of his is, "Build experiences not algorithms", which drives his team to put forward scalable solutions with measurable impact on experiences. In his free time Ameen enjoys keeping up to date with the latest methods in Artificial Intelligence, the newest Comedy Specials on Netflix, burning his savings on expanding his Smart Home and reading papers on the strides being made in Quantum Computing and pretending like he understands them.

He previously led the Data Science and Machine Learning platform team at Zappos.

Conference Sessions

Case Study
TWIMLcon  2019
The search feature is often the first step for online shoppers. Providing personalized search results is crucial to the E-Commerce experience while posing a challenging and intellectually stimulating engineering problem. In this session, we will use Search as a case study to focus on the technology that allows us to serve these models in highly scalable production environments.