TWIML Presents: TrainAI 2018

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This week on the podcast we’re running a series of shows consisting of conversations with some of the impressive speakers from the TrainAI Conference in San Francisco. The theme of the conference was human-in-the-loop, and I think you’ll find it really interesting in that it includes a mix of both technical and case-study-oriented discussions.

Thanks to our sponsor!

I’d like to send a shoutout to our friends over at Figure Eight for their continued support of the show, and their sponsorship of this week’s series which all took place at Train AI. Figure Eight is the essential Human-in-the-Loop AI platform for data science and machine learning teams. The Figure Eight software platform trains, tests, and tunes machine learning models to make AI work in the real world. Learn more at

TWIML Presents: TrainAI 2018

TWIML Talk #140Checking in with the Master!Garry Kasparov
TWIML Talk #141Deep Learning for Live-Cell ImagingDavid Van Valen, Caltech
TWIML Talk #142Tensor Operations for Machine LearningAnima Anandkumar, Amazon Web Services
TWIML Talk #143Agile Data ScienceSarah Aerni, Salesforce Einstein
TWIML Talk #144Training Data for Computer Vision at Figure EightQazaleh Mirsharif, Figure Eight
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