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Algorithmia Overview
Algorithmia is a machine learning operations and model management platform. Algorithmia champions an independent machine learning operations platform that works with all of the leading data science and DevOps tooling while providing advanced machine learning security, governance, and lifecycle management. This independent and integration-first approach to machine learning operations and model management, guarantees clients the widest accessibility to the latest development in AI/ML for cutting edge innovation while optimizing ROI and TCO.
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  • Amazon Web Services
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  • Kubernetes
  • Private Cloud or Datacenter
  • SaaS
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Algorithmia Details
Time to value
Access new revenue streams by accelerating deployment times. Move to production quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Algorithmia automates MLOps to drive a process of continuous optimization across all stages of the ML lifecycle—all within existing operational processes and across hybrid enterprise environments.

Reduce model risk
Automate governance, security, and monitoring for all models. Protect your business. Minimize risk with security and governance controls for data, models, and infrastructure; track and control which models access which data, and when.

Operational efficiency
Reduce manual processes and automate infrastructure scaling. Optimize outcomes. Scale your ML production capacity with your existing resources and talent. Our automated infrastructure technology lowers your cost of operations with comprehensive model management and monitoring capabilities.

Deployment flexibility
Algorithmia works with your existing tools for model development; use the best data science tools for each machine learning problem. Our serverless technology works over CPU and GPUs to provide the latest support for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.
Algorithmia automates ML deployment, provides maximum tooling flexibility, optimizes collaboration between operations and development, leverages existing SDLC and CI/CD practices, and includes advanced security and governance features—in the cloud, on-premises, or as a fully managed service.

Connect data sources and load pipelines from any tool, language, or platform. Catalog versions and validate models to ensure all dependencies are operational.

Continuously monitor model performance and resource consumption—balancing operational costs and efficiency.

Governance and security
Protect models from tampering with an enterprise-class framework of access controls, security APIs, and system encryption.
Algorithmia Vendor Information
Vendor Overview
Algorithmia is a machine learning model deployment and management solution that automates the MLOps for an organization, giving leverage back to data scientists and developers. It powers mission-critical workloads for its enterprise customers and hosts the largest public marketplace for algorithms. It was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.
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Year Founded
HQ Location
Seattle, Washington, United States
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