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Join us for the next session of this study group on Saturday at 9:30 am US Pacific Time.

To participate, first register for the TWIML Community. Then, after joining our Slack via the invitation you’re receive via email, join the #ai_enterprise_workflow channel and say hi! 👋

ML and AI Platforms, and more broadly, strategies for developing and deploying machine learning and deep learning models in the enterprise, is a hot topic in our community and the broader industry. Heck, we held a whole conference on the topic.

Until now, there have been few formal courses for learning how to deploy real-world AI and ML workflows in the enterprise. IBM has addressed this gap with the new AI Enterprise Workflow Specialization it has recently published on Coursera.

I’ll personally be taking this six course sequence and hosting a study group for those of you who would like to join me. If you’re doing, interested, or would like to learn more about how to do real-world machine learning in an enterprise environment, I’d encourage you to join me in taking this sequence.

Check out the video below for a replay of the webinar I did with course instructor Ray Lopez. We answer a lot of your questions about the course and study group.

The specialization consists of six courses which progressively walk the learner through the experience of building and deploying a real-world enterprise AI solution, from establishing business priorities and a data pipeline through to deploying and managing your model in production. The courses cover:

  • applying the scientific process to understanding business use cases and structuring data collection
  • visualizing and analyzing data, and hypothesis testing
  • feature engineering and identifying and addressing data biases
  • selecting the best models for machine learning, vision and NLP use cases, and using ensembles
  • deploying models using microservices and containers, Kubernetes, and Apache Spark
  • and, applying unit testing to ML models, and monitoring model performance in production

To join the study group or sign up for the overview session, first join the TWIML Community. Then, after joining our Slack via the invitation you’re receive via email, join the #ai_enterprise_workflow channel and say hi! 👋

See you there!

P.S. IBM is offering a free month of Coursera, available to all participants. Click here for details.

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