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AI Enterprise Workflow

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The Winter 2020 cohort of the AI Enterprise Workflow study group has ended. If you’re interested in taking the courses, you may find the session recordings below helpful.

The AIEW specialization consists of six courses which progressively walk the learner through the experience of building and deploying a real-world enterprise AI solution, from establishing business priorities and a data pipeline through to deploying and managing your model in production.

Our study group aims to support you through the sequence and help you get more out of the course. We do this by supplementing the course materials with weekly live discussions and Q&A sessions, and an active Slack community.

The courses cover:

  • applying the scientific process to understanding business use cases and structuring data collection
  • visualizing and analyzing data, and hypothesis testing
  • feature engineering and identifying and addressing data biases
  • selecting the best models for machine learning, vision and NLP use cases, and using ensembles
  • deploying models using microservices and containers, Kubernetes, and Apache Spark
  • and, applying unit testing to ML models, and monitoring model performance in production

P.S. IBM is offering a free month of Coursera, available to all participants. Click here for details.

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