TWIML Presents: PegaWorld 2018

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A couple of weeks ago I spent some time at the PegaWorld conference in Las Vegas. The theme of the conference was automation, particularly in service of the customer experience, and I had a great time seeing all the advancements coming into this field by way of machine learning and AI.

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I’d like to send a huge thanks to our friends at Pegasystems for hosting me at PegaWorld and sponsoring this series! One of the great announcements coming out of the conference was Pegasystems’ new self-optimizing, AI-powered marketing marketing capabilities. This is a really interesting offering, designed to reduce marketers’ dependence on traditional segment-based campaigns and transition them towards real-time, one-to-one customer engagement. These new capabilities will be available as a part of their new Pega Infinity platform, which was also announced at the event. For more info on Pega Infinity, head to!

TWIML Presents: PegaWorld 2018

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