Kubernetes for Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI eBook

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Kubernetes for Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI

Welcome KubeCon attendees and the greater AI-on-K8s community! Want to dive deeper into cloud-native infrastructure for ML, DL & AI? Get our eBook below and be sure to join our meetup here at KubeCon (info below).

Kubernetes for Machine Learning and Deep Learning Cover

This eBook explores how Kubernetes can support data science and machine learning workloads.


  • The Machine Learning Process
  • Supporting Machine Learning at Scale
  • Enter Containers and Kubernetes
  • Getting to Know Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes for Machine and Deep Learning
  • The Kubernetes ML/DL Ecosystem
  • Case Studies
  • Getting Started

KubeCon ML/DL Meetup

Join us to meet and exchange experiences with other users working on ML and DL pipelines and projects on Kubernetes. We’ll be meeting on Wednesday at 12:30 pm at a TBD venue near the Convention Center. You’ll be notified of the venue once it’s been set. Please visit https://k8s4ai.splashthat.com to RSVP and for updates.


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