Google IO, Deep Learning Hardware & an AI to Save You From Conference Call Hell — TWIML 2016/05/20

1024 788 The TWIML AI Podcast (formerly This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)

Every week I end the week with close to 100 tabs filled with stories—some good, some not so good—spanning all corners of the cloud computing, big data, machine learning and AI web. I thought it would be useful to bring you the best of these stories in a weekly podcast. I have no idea whether this will be sustainable or not—this first episode took a lot of work—but let’s run with it and see what happens.

Here are the notes for this week’s stories:

AI Tech Front and Center at Google I/O

Deep Learning Part of Amazon’s Destiny

Uber’s Autonomous Boom Box Takes to the Streets of Pittsburgh

AI by the Bay Conference

What’s Up with NLP at Quora?

Conference Calls: AI’s Killer App?


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