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Giving Thanks

????  ????  ????   Gratitude is a powerful thing, and there’s never a bad time to give thanks. As we roll into the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States, I thought I’d take a break from my usual soapbox to give thanks to all those who have been supportive of my efforts with my not-so-side-anymore project, This Week in Machine Learning & AI.

Back when I led a Toastmasters (public speaking) club many years ago, we used to tell new members to never thank the audience. After all, they should be thanking you, right? Well, I’ve never believed that that kind of thinking applied to the podcast. I remember putting the show out there and wondering if anyone would care. Turns out a few did, and then a few more, and then a few more. Those few were vocal in their thanks and appreciation, and their thanks and feedback kept me going. As a result, I’ve always been extremely grateful for all those who listen to the podcast, and read my words, and I strive to make my thanks known in every show. There are too many listeners to thank, but know that I love hearing from you and try to respond to all listener comments and correspondence.

Once I switched from the news format to the interview format, guests obviously became a big part of the show. I’m very grateful for the amazing guests I’ve been able to meet and interview through the show, and I’m particularly thankful for those first few who agreed to talk to me when I had no track record to speak of and no clue what I was doing! Again, there are too many to thank here, but Clare Corthell always holds a special place for being first!

More recently, I’ve been fortunate to have a number of organizations step up to support the podcast through sponsorship programs. They are a great group of companies to work with in that really get what I’m trying to create for listeners and support me in doing so. Thanks to the teams at Bonsai, Cloudera, Georgian Partners, IBM, Intel, Mighty AI, Nexosis, Nvidia and NYU Future Labs for your interest in this growing community and the support you’ve provided for it.

Finally, a special shout out to my producer, Imari, without whom who knows where the podcast would be. He put the “This Week” in TWIML; before he started the podcast was more like “This Every-So-Often in Machine Learning & AI,” and that consistency has been foundational to our growth and success.


Join Team TWIML!

Speaking of team, TWIML is growing and I’m looking for an energetic and passionate Community Manager to help us expand and promote the various programs we offer. This position can be remote, but if you happen to be in St. Louis, all the better. If you’re interested, reach out for more info.

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