Introducing the AI NexusLab Startups

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This week we spoke with founders from the 5 companies in the inaugural batch of the AI NexusLab program: HelloVera, Klustera,, Cambrian Intelligence, and AlphaVertex.

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Intel Buys Nervana Systems to Break NVIDIA’s Hold on Deep Learning Hardware

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On the heels of last week’s $200 million acquisition by Apple of Turi acquisition, Intel announced on Tuesday yet another acquisition in the machine learning and AI space, this time with the $400 million acquisition of deep learning cloud startup Nervana.

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Self-Driving Car Startup Releases Video and Sensor Dataset

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Autonomous driving startup released a small dataset that lets you try your hand at building your own models for controlling a self-driving vehicle.

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Machine Learning Identifies Autism Genes, Weaponized AI for Phishing, and a Twitter Sarcasm Detector

150 150 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

A team of researchers from Princeton University published a paper outlining their work applying machine learning to the challenge of identifying genetic causes of autism, researchers from security research firm ZeroFOX published a paper on “weaponizing data science for social engineering,” and researchers at the University of Lisbon in Portugal and UT Austin show how to make a Twitter sarcasm detector.

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New TITAN X Benchmark, Plus What to Do When You Need More GPUs

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Researchers on the MXNet team were among the lucky folks that have their hands on the GPU at this point and they published an initial benchmark this week following the deepmark deep learning benchmarking protocol. Plus a “deep learning supercomputer” and Azure N-Series.

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ML/AI Companies CognitiveScale,, Artisto on the Move

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Startup CognitiveScale, which bills itself as “The Cognitive Cloud Company”, announce the close of $21.8M in series b financing from Norwest Ventures and Intel Capital. Intel’s been pretty busy investor in the ML space—you’ll recall we touched on their Itseez acquisition and Lumiata investment back in June.

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Apple Acquires Machine Learning Startup Turi

800 524 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

News broke late last week of Apple’s acquisition of Seattle-based machine learning startup Turi, for a reported $200 million.

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TWiML Newsletter #1

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Good morning, First off, thanks everyone for your interest in the podcast. If you haven’t listened to the latest show, it’s a bit different than the previous ones. It’s the first in a series of interviews with folks doing interesting things in the machine learning and AI arena. I hope you find it interesting! This…

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New Layer Normalization Technique Speeds RNN Training

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A paper published by Jimmy Lei Ba, Jamie Ryan Kiros and Geoffrey Hinton of the University of Toronto, introduces a new technique for training deep networks called Layer Normalization.

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