TWIML Online Meetup: Learning from Simulated & Unsupervised Images through Adversarial Training

August Meetup: Learning from Simulated and Unsupervised Images through Adversarial Training

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A number of you have expressed interest in participating in a TWIML paper reading group and I’m excited to share the details of the inaugural TWIML & AI meetup! The focus of the meetup will be discussing academic papers and other texts in the machine learning and AI space, though I hope we get to see some implementation demos from time to time as well.

Our first presenter will be Joshua Manela, who has also stepped up along with a couple of other community members (thanks Duncan, Joshua and Nikola!) to help organize the meetup in general. Joshua will be presenting one of the Best Paper award winners from this year’s CVPR conference!

Topic: Learning from Simulated and Unsupervised Images through Adversarial Training, by authors from Apple. (See also Improving the Realism of Synthetic Images.

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017
11:00 AM US Pacific Time / 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Check HERE for your timezone.

To attend, please fill out the form below. If you sign up to attend the meetup here, we’ll email you the particulars as soon as they’re available.


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