AI Enterprise Workflow Study Group Recap – Course 1

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Recently we kicked off a study group to work through the AI Enterprise Workflow sequence of courses created by IBM and on Coursera.

Each of the courses in the six course series is two weeks long, and we just completed the second week of the first course. In this post we’ll recap some of the key concepts we discussed in the study group and share various resources including the videos and slides form the sessions.

The first week of the course spent a bit of time reviewing the course structure and discussing some high-level introductory topics like:

  • Design thinking
  • Data collection
  • Prioritizing opportunities
  • The scientific method
  • Gathering data

You can review the discussion from our study group session below:

You can also download the slides.

The second week of the course dug a bit deeper into what is one of the first steps of any machine learning project, data ingestion. Other topics discussed include:

  • ETL, etc.
  • Data science vs data engineering
  • Sparse matrices
  • Data testing
  • Automation of data ingestion pipelines

If you missed the live session, the video is below:

Slides for the week 2 discussion are here.

While we’ve completed the first course in the sequence, it’s not too late for you to join in the fun. Visit for details on joining the study group.

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